“All along it was Love that dragged her forward and taught her to find her own path. This she followed even though it took great effort, was burdened by desires, feelings of powerlessness and unrest. There have been many troubles and much grief. There have been times of great faith and times when faith was lacking. But she is ready now for everything that comes her way. Whether she is dead or alive, she seeks nothing more than to be Love’s possession.” – Beatrice of Nazareth, 1200-1268

A delicate, gold, bangle worn by generation after generation, gold medallions preserving the Lebanese traditions of family history, something old, and something blue. Peaceful, quiet moments honoring the lives of those who shaped their very own, these are just some of the small intentional details that breathed so much life and meaning into Bob and Susan’s wedding day.

Their hearts are novels, filled with stories of great heights and great depths. Their love was unexpected and something to marvel over. I can assure you that’s precisely what I did as they allowed me to immerse myself in their stories and sacred spaces.

They’re brave and bold, kind and gracious, and watching them have the courage to, as Beatrice of Nazareth said, “let Love drag them forward and teach them their own path”, was a remarkable thing to behold. Susan’s beautiful soft pink Chiara Boni La Petite Robe, the arched window in the Hotel Crescent Court overlooking Dallas, and all of the timeless details in-between was just a small glimpse of the extravagant beauty that is their story, and it was an honor to preserve.