“Love does not ask anything for itself. Nor does it seek to protect itself from that which is difficult. Rather, it seeks to construct heaven within one’s heart.” – William Blake

I have been nothing short of inspired by the brides and grooms who have welcomed the adversity of a world-wide pandemic with beauty and grace. They have matched the grief of lost expectations with a love that reclaims the atmosphere, and it’s been a stunning process to document the unfolding of… from 6 feet apart that is.

What a time to be alive, friends. Can I get an amen? I don’t know about you, but being quarantined has brought its waves of depression, but oh how the shared joys of another can bring so much lightness & goodness, and I hope that’s what some of these frames bring to you. Lightness.

If you and your loved ones need a slice of lightness brought into these darker days, shoot me an email and let’s plan a shoot in a field somewhere from 6 feet apart. Caring for our souls sometimes looks like finding new & creative ways to weave fun into our lives, and I can assure you fun is exactly what we would have!

All the love and tight hugs,

Sarah Delanie

(Shout out to this first frame… it was my favorite. Such a sweet and sincere glance to all his family watching from Zoom!)