Rachel & Zachary…

From the moment you meet them, you just know they’re destined to be together. They bring such a joyous charisma into any room they enter together, all centered on a deep love for Jesus.

So many details were intentionally woven throughout their wedding day, all the way down to the bride baking cupcakes for each individual guest! If you’ve ever planned a wedding yourself, you know how crazy it can get the days leading up to THE day, and I think it speaks volumes of her character to take the time to bake cupcakes (which were insanely delicious might I add) for all of the guests who came from near and far to celebrate their marriage.

Their vision was to create a day that felt like “Southern hospitality meets the Pacific Northwest” to blend their two worlds together effortlessly, and I’d say they accomplished just that! Not only was their day intentional and unique, it was worshipful, and that simple reality alone filled every moment with so much beauty!