Many years ago I was just a 14-year-old girl who loved to dance with a dance teacher that I thought the world of. Fast forward a decade, and now I get to photograph her ADORABLE family and steal all the snuggles from her sweet little babies. Life’s good.

From bridals to maternity, to newborns, and now family sessions I am so thankful to still be a part of Jillian’s life, as she certainly has made a huge impact on mine. Not every little girl grows up to be the professional dancer she once thought she would be (hello, it’s me), but they all walk away with the grace, character, and grit they need to dance through life in their own unique way. I’m so grateful for those dance teachers in my life, and Jillian was certainly one of them!

Now for some of the sweetest family photos you’ve ever seen!

Sarah Delanie