Happy New Year Friends!

Just like that, another year rounds itself out to completion today! And what a beautiful year full of moments now etched into the history of our minds it was.¬†Getting to care for others’ stories through the photographic documentation of family history is nothing short of a privilege, and I am humbly reminded of it often, but especially so at the end of every year.¬†Looking back on 2021, there were some distinctly impactful, humbling, and just plain fun moments! Lets take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

Adventuring Around Alaska

This December, my little brother said “I do” to his best friend and the love of his life! They’re living and adventuring around Alaska as he works for Kenai Aviation, and Aubrey finishes up her Bachelor’s degree online. For their proposal, he flew me into Anchorage, Kenai, and THEN to a remote island to hide in the bushes until he flew in with Aubrey to propose. It was a thrilling weekend full of adventure as we captured engagement photos of the two of them to treasure for years to come. It certainly takes the cake as one of my all-time favorite “life” moments!

Mariachi Bands at La Bella Luna

Oh, I love these two! Christina and Ruddy’s wedding day was a GULLY-WASHER! Like, WOW. But what a gift it was when the skies parted and gave us a smidge of sunshine after the ceremony for them to enjoy a quick dance outside with their Mariachi Band! It was such a sweet, intimate, detailed moment in their day, and I so enjoyed getting to capture such an honest candid moment!

The Importance of Family History

Before every wedding, I spend my mornings praying over the couple, the day, and their families. For some reason, I felt extra sentimental in my spirit about “family legacy” as I began to document Liberty and Rob’s wedding day at The Springs Parker Manor. I loved how they honored their family members throughout the day, and just soaked all the laughter and love in. Liberty and I grew up in similar “homeschooled” circles, and I’ve admired how genuine her family, and particularly her parents were from afar. I think there is something so honoring to parents when watching their grown children speak of their love for Jesus and enjoyment of each other over the years publicly. I particularly treasure being able to document those moments of “honoring” your mother and father. While I did not grow up knowing Rob or his family, it was clear that his family reflected the same God-honoring heart as Liberty’s family. Not long after their wedding day, Rob’s father unexpectedly passed away, and while heartbreaking, it was a sobering reminder of the weight these moments in time with our loved ones hold. I hope these images are truly ones they treasure for a lifetime, as is my hope for every client I work with over the years.

Heartfelt Details to Newly Married Bliss

Sarah and Luke were such an “iconic” couple to work with this year. Both are incredibly intelligent and gifted in more ways than one. Sarah designed her wedding invitation suite, and truly put so much meaning and thought into every detail of their day! I particularly loved right after the ceremony how they all gather right outside Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church to mingle and celebrate with their friends and family right before hopping onto the cutest trolly to their reception at The Dallas Arboretum!

An Eye Watering First Look

Nothing beats this memorable first look with Zac and Rachel on their wedding day at Stone Oaks Ranch! Their entire day was filled to the brim with so much heartfelt emotion and enjoyment! I just loved watching them soak up every nuance of their special day. The Holy Spirit was so thick and tangible throughout their day, it was a blessing to capture the beginning of their family history! I adore these two, and so wish they lived closer, but it’s probably a good thing they don’t because Rachel and bake a mean cupcake and I’d definitely buy and eat way too many of them. Anyways, Zac was beside himself when seeing his bride for the first time – I still can’t get enough of this moment!

Sarah Delanie’s Favorite Image from 2021

This is near impossible to choose, but if you know me, you know I’m a sucker for a dramatic veil shot, and this image from Sarah Collin’s Bridal session at The Dallas Arboretum continues to make me stop and linger. I just love the detail of her veil, handmade by her insanely talented momma, Annie! The softness of the light, the balance of the greens and blues, and the movement of it all just kill me! Timeless elegance only film can capture! I got to spend quite a bit of time with Sarah and her mom over the year preparing all the details for Sarah and Luke’s Wedding day, and truly enjoyed every minute of it. Thankful to now call her friend, and cannot wait to see what these next few years have in store for her and Luke! I still haven’t blogged this full session yet, but am greatly looking forward to it in the New Year!

These moments are barely touching the surface of all the meaningful memories experienced throughout this year. I am grateful for every single couple, family, and story who has trusted me and my camera over the years. I told a friend of mine just the other day how much of a privilege it is that we get to create! Whether it’s full-time, part-time, or a hobby, we were created to create and it never ceases to bring me so much fulfillment, peace, and joy! Cheers to 2022!


Sarah Delanie